Production and shipment of auto-nosodes, e.g. placenta nosodes, umbilical cord and umbilical cord blood nosodes, mother's milk nosodes

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Frequently asked questions

How do placenta nosodes work?

The effect of homeopathic drugs is the same as if a person receives a message, which enables him/her to use his/her self-heating powers optimally. Everyone has "his" illness and consequently also needs "his" own remedy! In other words: don’t treat the illness alone, but the whole person.

Both the physical as well as the emotional symptoms have to be ascertained and evaluated when assessing the reaction to the remedy. Old, currently concealed illness symptoms can flare up again briefly after taking the preparation. The initial response indicates that the body has started up the healing process.


What are the differences between placenta nosodes, umbilical cord nosodes and umbilical cord blood nosodes except for how the various materials are acquired?

All the source materials are equally well suited for production. The areas of application are identical. We recommend the production of placenta nosodes, as there is more expertise available concerning this application. However, there are mothers who use umbilical cord or umbilical cord blood as the source material on the advice of a doctor, a midwife or a practitioner of alternative medicine. We offer them for those cases..


How long can the master dilution or the globules be kept?

The master dilution and globules can be kept for at least 3 years or even longer, if stored properly (dark, cool, not near any sources of radiation, such as the microwave, electrical equipment, loudspeakers). The dilution and the globules are not spoiled after 3 years, but they may lose their effectiveness.


What is the difference between the C and D strengths (potencies)?

The difference between D and C strengths is in how they are potentiated (diluted). D stands for 10 and C for 100. A C-6 preparation is potentiated 100 to the power of 6, a D-6 is only potentiated 10 to the power of 6. As a rule, the following applies: The higher the strength, the more intense the effect of the nosodes.

As far as the strength is concerned, there is not much difference in the effect between D6 and C6, between D12 and C12, between D30 and C30, etc. The areas of application are identical. Some midwives prefer to recommend D potencies, others prefer C potencies. High potencies (above C30) should only be used if recommended by the practitioner of alternative medicine or midwife with experience in this area.

The majority of the available experience is with the D potency series; that is why we recommend the set of D globules. Tip: Order at least the C3 master dilution, if you cannot decide to order the C potencies. This costs €4.50 and C globules of any potency can be produced from it at any time later on.


Are the globules really suitable to be used with babies? Is there any danger that the baby will choke?

You can use the globules for your baby without any worries. If you place the globule between the baby’s bottom lip and lower row of teeth, there is no danger of choking. The globules are also more effective when used that way because extended contact with the mucous membranes of the mouth is advantageous. Grownups should not swallow the globules either, but let them melt in their mouth!

But you can also dissolve the globules in water and then drink mouthfuls of this.


What further components do the placenta nosodes contain?

Placenta nosodes are produced in accordance with the regulations of the official Homeopathic Pharmacopeia (Amtliches Homöopathisches Arzneibuch (HAB)). The globules consist of cane sugar (saccharose). The master dilutions contain alcohol (60% ethanol). Otherwise, they contain no further auxiliary substances.


How much are 10g of globules?

10g of globules are about 1100 globules.


How long do 10g of globules last?

For small children, the dosage is usually 3 globules 3x daily. Based on a treatment duration of 3 days, you need 27 globules for this. Therefore, 1100 globules will last quite a long time, even if this is only a hypothetical calculation!


Can the father or brother/sister also be treated with the nosodes?

Because of the genetic similarity, experts assume that these can be used to treat close family members.


Will the compulsory health insurers / private health insurers assume the costs for the production of the nosodes?

Whether or not the compulsory health care insurers will cover the costs has not been conclusively agreed. It would be advisable to ask the respective compulsory health care insurers about this. In many cases, private health care insurers cover the costs of production. It would also be advisable to ask the private health care insurers first.


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