Production and shipment of auto-nosodes, e.g. placenta nosodes, umbilical cord and umbilical cord blood nosodes, mother's milk nosodes

Die Titisee-Apotheke in 79822 Titisee-Neustadt von Aussen gesehenHerstellung von Plazenta-Nosoden

Ordering process

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An overview on prices of production and shipment of nosodes is provided under Prices.

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Orders of nosodes from placenta, umbilical cord, umbilical cord blood, amnion, mother’s milk from outside Germany

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How is your order processed?

In principle it is very simple: Once you have send us your completed order from, you will receive a specimen shipping container as well as the bill. You will need to wrap the source material, send it back and pay the bill.

After we have produced the nosodes in our laboratory and have received your payment, we will ship the product. The entire handling should take up to approximately two weeks.

To which countries do we deliver?

In principle, we deliver to all countries. For countries which are not explicitly mentioned in the country list (s. shipment costs), we reserve the right to refuse the acceptance of the order.

Shipment time

Unfortunately, we are not able to determine shipment times for individual countries. We therefore recommend that you place your order timely enough.

Shipment costs

For international orders, you will have to bear he cost for the source material you provide us with. The cost of shipment for country group 1 (Belgium, Denmark, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Austria), country group 2 (France, Great Britain), country group 3 (Italy, Poland, Czech Republic) and country group 4 (Switzerland) are listed in the order form. For all other countries you will receive an individual offer.

What else needs to be considered?

The production of the nosodes is done in the laboratory of the Stadt-Apotheke, the shipment is handled by the Titisee-Apotheke. The Titisee-Apotheke is a subsidiary of the Stadt-Apotheke in Titisee-Neustadt and is entitled to ship medication.

Please, also be aware:

Auto-nosodes are customized products and hence can only be used by the individuals for whom they are produced. Therefore, and just to mention it explicitly, it stands without saying that these customized products cannot be returned.

Additional questions?

We will be happy to answer your questions. Please send an email to or call +49 (0) 7651 93388 0. We are looking forward to supporting you.


Order form:


Source material:

Umbilical cord
Umbilical cord blood
Mother’s milk


Stem-dilution, 10 milliliters

D3 or C3, EUR 4,90 each

Storage of the stem-dilution

triennial storage of the stem-dilution, EUR 68,40 (first stem-dilution)
triennial storage of the stem-dilution, EUR 19,90 (second stem-dilution)


Globules, 10 gram each
desired potencies:

D6 or C6 (EUR 29,90 each)
D8 or C8 (EUR 32,50 each)
D12 or C12 (EUR 35,50 each)
D20 or C20 (EUR 40,70 each)
D30 or C30 (EUR 46,90 each)

all five D-potencies as a set (EUR 59,90)
all five C-potencies as a set (EUR 59,90)

D200 or C200 (EUR 194,90 each)

(In case you order several potencies, more favorable prices could be granted. For additional details please refer to the part «prices».)

20 gram globules
instead of 10 gram

Mark up per ordered potency EUR 2,00 each

Packaging and shipment:

Shipment costs

Country group 1: Belgium, Denmark, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Austria

Standard shipment, EUR 15,20

We will provide you with a specimen shipping container by certified mail (Deutschen Post AG, taking about 2 to 5 days). You send the container back on your own account and we deliver the medication via GLS (parcel service) to your home.

Country group 2: France, Great Britain (main island)

Standard shipment, EUR 23,20

Procedure as with country group 1

Country group 3: Italy, Poland, Czech Republic

Standard shipment, EUR 27,20

Procedure as with country group 1

Country group 4: Switzerland

Standard shipment, EUR 33,90 (incl. EUR 20,00 for customs clearance)

Procedure as with country group 1

Other countries:

Information on shipment charges

In case the country to which we are asked to deliver is not listed in country groups 1 to 3, we will inform you about individual shipment charges. Your order will be processed once we have received your binding confirmation of the shipment charges.


Additional messages:


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