Production and shipment of auto-nosodes, e.g. placenta nosodes, umbilical cord and umbilical cord blood nosodes, mother's milk nosodes

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What are nosodes?

Origin of the word 'Nosode'

The word ‘nosode’ is derived from the Greek term Nosos (illness) and is used for medicines made from the body’s own substances in accordance with homeopathic guidelines. Thus, nosodes are medicines, which are produced from illness-related or intermediate catabolic products (metabolites) in humans, animals, microorganisms or viruses according to the regulations of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (Homöopathischen Arzneibuches (HAB)).


What are auto-nosodes?

The term "auto-nosodes" denotes those nosodes, in which the source material for the nosode originates from the patient himself/herself. It is therefore necessary to provide the source material first. This material is then potentized in our lab in accordance with the HAB requirements, i.e. homeopathic dilution levels (potencies) are produced.

In short: Material obtained from the patient is used to produce a homeopathic medicine for him/her. This auto-nosode is unique and individual.


The effect of auto-nosodes

The body’s own healing powers are activated by taking the medicine. This form of therapy traces back to autohemotherapy, which was already known in the ancient world.


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